Unreal Engine 4 – Uncommon Errors/Bugs we fixed

Bug – XboxOne:
Strange lighting/shadow artifacts on our crystals in the Xbox build (not on PC or PIE).
The crystals had a negative scale, which somehow broke the lighting. After double-checking all shader properties, quality settings and lighting settings i figured the only difference between working and broken crystals was the negative scale. Thx once again Unreal. Time spend: 2 days.

Bug – XboxOne:
Skewed geometry, e.g. arrow blueprints in our menu scene.

The arrows had negative scale inside the blueprint and inside the scene in addition to a 180-degree rotation (whyever we did that). Changed the scale in the scene back to positive (component scale in the blueprint is still negative) and reset all rotations of the components back to 0. Still not quite sure what caused the bug exactly, but it seems it has something to do with component rotation and scaling inside a blueprint in addition to scaling and rotation inside the scene. Time spend: 4 hours.

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